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Top 10 Most Impressive Billboard Advertisements

Most Impressive Billboard AdvertisementsIn the race of becoming the world’s best products, different businesses and companies are relying on advertisers and marketing firms to create gimmicks and stints that could really engage and persuade customers into purchasing.

Aside from creative ads seen on TV and in some newspapers or magazines, another tool best used to attract people is by means of huge billboards seen on the streets. And if you think that it would be just another display of texts and photos with nothing special, then you may be missing something.

After all, what these groups are aiming for is to attract attention and convince them into buying. Anyway, here are the top 10 most impressive Billboard advertisements seen around the world!

 10. Quitplan Services

Advertising group Clarity Coverdale Fury has thought of a concept that does not need too much words in making a person understand that Quitplan Services helps people to overcome their addiction and bad habits such as smoking. In fact, the pole used in the said billboard is a large, and is located at 35W north of Twin Cities in Minnesota.

 9. Mars

It cannot be denied that Mars is one of the tastiest chocolate bars you could ever taste across the planet, and even beyond maybe. In this particular billboard, you can just imagine how this tasty treat, especially when chilled, becomes too hard to resist, that even your tongue sticks to it… even if you go away from it!

 8. Adidas

This particular ad seen in Germany, posted for the FIFA Cup 2006, is very controversial not only because it shows Oliver Kahn is making a save, but because the huge and amazing billboard is actually breaking the law as it is not allowed to post such huge ad, even fastened on a bridge!

 7. Cadburry

Cadburry is known to be one of the best tasting chocolate bars in the world, but tasty as a billboard ad? Yes, this billboard actually shows life-size mannequins eating and tearing the chocolate bar, little by little.

 6. Miele

Just how strong is their vacuum cleaner? Miele answers this question by having Miami Ad School post a billboard of a flat vacuum head pointing to the sky, which actually sucks a hot air balloon. This ad really sucks the attention of so many people.

 5. Tylenol

Johnson & Johnson has clearly sent the message to spectators how a headache really hurts, even with a wreck ball stuck on the man’s forehead. The particular Tylenol ad has attracted a lot of people along Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada. 4. Formula Toothpaste

When you are looking for toothpaste that can provide you REALLY strong teeth, then this billboard of Formula Toothpaste in Indonesia would really convince you into buying.

 3. McDonald’s Sundial Billboard

Back in 2009, there is one certain McDonald’s Billboard, created by the Leo Burnett ad agency that gets the attention of most people in Chicago along the corners of Clark and Addison Street. What’s the hitch? If you observe the ad between 6am to 11am, you can see it point at products from coffee to a burger, and 12noon lets you see the “M”.

 2. Cingular

This ad located outside the Marriott Marquis in Times Square shows how dropped calls are really DROPPED! Cingular has done advertising to the next level by involving the billboard very close to the people. Too close actually…

 1. Heineken

This has to be one of the best concepts yet, crossing both the 2D and 3D border of guerilla billboard advertising. Since 2D display no longer attracts the masses, adding a bit of effect, such as you see in this one where a hand actually plans to get the beer, will really attract your attention!

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