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Top 3 Best Gas Infrared Heater Reviews

best-gas-infrared-heaterNeed heat in large open areas with high ceilings, overhead doors and poor insulations? Gas Infrared heaters are the right choice for you! These heaters which are sometimes dubbed as infrared tube heaters or radiant tube heaters provide you with an efficient means to get the warmth you need in such spaces. They work in such as way that you or an object gets the heat as opposed to the air getting the heat, and they have a flare of consuming less fuel of up to 50% as compared to fan forced heater systems!

Infrared heaters work in such a way that they will heat the objects(from floor level as opposed to the ceiling) in a given room first , then collect and redirect the concentrated heat in order to fill the entire room, hence their high efficiency in heating up large spaces such as aircraft hangers and warehouses.

These heaters are obtainable in high and low density designs, with the high density also identified as spot heaters being used for high bay applications and the low density also identified as infrared tube heaters or radiant tube heaters being used in areas such as restaurants and café outdoor patio, Store entrances, airplane hangars and for heating loading docks and assembly lines. These heaters come with a built-in voltage thermostat that allows you to control temperature of a given space or area. In essence, with some manipulation, you can easily manage the amount of heat that is collected by the infrared heater.

Best Gas Infrared Heater

Owing to their effectiveness, energy costs can be brought down tremendously, hence making them that much desirable for many. Now, with so many of these heaters out there, finding the right brand for you may be a chore, which is why the list below will help you gauge which gas infrared heater suits your needs.

Kozy World Vent-Free LP-Gas Infrared Heater


  • Good value for money
  • Has pressure regulator
  • Built-in oxygen depletion sensor
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Warms up easy


  • No thermostat
  • Consumes a lot of gas
  • Complaints of bad regulator

Manufactured by Kozy World, one of the more trusted gas heating brands, the Kozy World KWP112 10,000 has a lot to offer. It comes an electronic piezo ignition system that makes for easy start-ups and has the capability of radiating instant infrared heat. This heater will comfortably cover spaces up to 300 square feet and comprises of a pressure regulator for safety purposes, a built-in oxygen-depletion sensor as well as a safe-watch pilot assembly.

With the Kozy World KWP112, you not only get a cozy and warm environment, but you also get to save big on your money. This is simply because this unit has the capability of running with 99% efficiency, in essence costing you mere pennies per hour. Once you turn on this unit, it will be able to radiate instant infrared heat that is able to directly heat objects in the room.

Technically you can make use of this unit as supplemental heat, however, it can also be used as a primary heat source in case you experience a power outage. This is because it requires no electricity for burner operation.

You can easily adjust the heat levels from low to high owing to the top-mounted controls, this way, you get your desired heat. This unit requires no assembly, comes with detailed instructions for variable heat control and a vent free infrared burner. Because it comes with a vent free design, 99% of the heat is kept in your home and it requires no ductwork or chimney.

It incorporates an ODS pilot assembly that ensures that the gas-flow will shut off automatically in case the pilot becomes exhausted or in the event that the oxygen levels drop below standards set by the A.N.S.I. The built-in pressure regulator ensures that a steady gas flow is maintained for a safe and even burn.

Camco Olympian Wave-8 8000 BTU LP Gas Catalytic Heater


  • Low fuel consumption
  • Has safety shut-off valve
  • Warms up to 290 square feet
  • Doesn’t produce harmful amounts of carbon monoxide
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Good pricing


  • Not meant for dusty environments
  • No thermostat
  • Doesn’t heat up as promoted

Camco Olympian wave heaters are renowned for their provision of heaters with years of comfortable, glowing heat in addition to their cost-effective LP Gas consumption. They boast of high efficiency levels owing to the combustion that take place at fairly low temperatures. As one of the products from Camco Olympian wave heaters, the Camco 57351 Olympian heater makes for an ideal primary or secondary heating source. It makes use of low pressure LP gas and can either be used as a portable unit or mounted on a wall. It comes outfitted with a 100% safety shut-off valve that helps guard against unintended non-ignitions fuel discharge. Because this unit has no battery connection or electrical drain, it is an ideal addition when out dry camping or boondocking.

It operates silently hence no blower or fun noise to be expected. This unit can last for 20,000 starts owing to the built-in automatic electric spark starter. Heat from this unit is directed straight at the people, walls and floor in addition to other objects minus having to heat the air first, this means that you get to experience the warmth straight away. In essence, in order to obtain the desired heat at a targeted space, then you need to make use of this unit as you would a floodlight, this way the desired heat rays will be emitted to the given space hence providing the much needed warmth.

The Camco 57351 is adjustable from 4200 to 8000 BTU/hr, comes with a three year limited warranty and weighs little. You can make use of this unit in your home, cabin or in an RV. It doesn’t emit harmful amounts of carbon monoxide and is capable of producing heat in order to warm up space of up to 290 square feet. It has a fuel consumption of 1/3Ib per hour and comes with optional legs that can radiate heat up and in the direction you desire.

Mr. Heater Infrared Vent Free Heater


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Energy saving


  • Problem with pilot
  • Issues with five settings adjustments
  • Bad odor

In operation since 1955, Mr Heater is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality infrared, forced air convection and indirect heaters. As one of their products, Mr. Heater 20,000 BTU propane flame is a safe, clean-burning heater that makes use of propane and has the capability to produce comfortable and efficient heat with a capability of 20,000 BTU’s per hour.

This unit is vent free and boasts of a five setting heat control. It has the capability to efficiently burn 99.9% and comes with a sensor that will shut off in case it detects low oxygen in addition to a blower fan that helps increase air circulation. It provides you with even, convection heat and boasts of an Oxygen depletion sensor so you feel safe indoors.

It is easy to install and comes with a feet kit that can be used to make it a standing unit in case you don’t want to mount it against the wall. It has the capability of heating u to 600 square feet.

No electricity is required to operate this unit, however, in case you wish to use the fan , then you need to make use of electricity for the same. In case you don’t wish to use the fan, then you can do without it as it is a standalone component and the unit can operate without it being plugged in. In addition, because you don’t need electricity to operate this unit, it makes it an ideal addition in case of power outages.

Places that can make use of this heater include cabins, recreation rooms, sunrooms and room additions among others. The unit comes with a quiet blower which ensures that a gentle circulation of heated air is provided. In addition, there is a top mounted thermostat that helps control temperature. In terms of warranty, it comes with a two year limited warranty.

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