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Top 5 Classic Winter Coat Styles For Men

5-classic-winter-coat-styles-for-menNo matter where a person lives, most of us need some type of winter coat at some point in time. And when choosing a winter coat, men should keep not only warmth in mind, but also style.

Style is very important, because for many us our winter coat covers up the rest of our clothing for at least a few months of the year.

A winter coat should reflect a man’s personal style just as much as the rest of the clothing he wears. But how do you choose a coat that is right for you?

Here’s a list of the five classic coat styles for men:

The Trench Coat

This coat is an old standard for many men; a style not only our fathers, but our grandfathers probably wore, and it is still very popular. The cut of this coat is long, so it keeps you warm during even the chilliest winter months. No longer a coat only for detectives, this style has withstood the test of time and looks good with any style of clothing.

The Puffy Coat

This coat has long been a staple for skiers, as many of these quilted types of coats are down-filled, providing maximum insulation even in the coldest climates. These types of coats come in varying degrees of puffiness and every hue of the rainbow and are decidedly sportier looking than other styles.

The Classic Wool Coat

The wool coat may be the most common type of coat as it comes in various different styles: with or without pockets on the chest; with or without a hood; short or long; and double-breasted or not. A short wool coat can easily be dressed up or down, whereas a long wool coat has a more formal feeling about it and looks best with suits or formal wear.

The Military-Inspired Coat

Pea coats and other types of military-inspired coats are usually made of wool with a wide lapel and a double-breast. Associated with the military, these coats automatically give off an aura of strength. They look great when the collar is slightly flipped up in the back, which also helps to keep the cold air off your neck.

The Leather Coat

Whether it is motorcycle style or western style, rock ‘n’ roll or business, every man should own a leather coat. Possibly the most versatile style of coat, this can be dressed up or down and worn in extremely cold climates as well as more mild temperatures. These types of coats come long or short to fit different occasions and personality types.

A few reminders when choosing the right winter coat style for you:
Winter coats are meant to be worn over bulky sweaters and clothing. Be sure to choose at least one size up when shopping for your winter coat.

Choose a coat that best suits your lifestyle. A dressier coat is probably a better choice if you work in an office every day.

A good winter coat can last you for several years, so be sure to invest wisely.

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