Breville JE98XL vs BJE430SIL: Which Juicer to Choose?

Juicing has become increasingly popular among people who are conscious about their health and fitness. It is a quick and easy way to get all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables in one go. Breville is a well-known brand in the world of juicers, and two of its popular models are JE98XL and BJE430SIL. Both juicers have their unique features and specifications that make them stand out from each other. In this article, we will discuss the main differences between Breville 800JEXL vs Omega J8006 and Breville JE98XL vs BJE430SIL to help you decide which one is the right fit for your juicing needs.

breville je98xl vs bje430sil

Key Differences between Breville JE98XL and BJE430SIL

The main difference between Breville JE98XL and BJE430SIL is their design and construction. While both juicers have a wide 3-inch feeder chute and an 850-watt dual-speed motor, BJE430SIL has a compact and sleek design that makes it easy to store in small kitchens. On the other hand, JE98XL has a more traditional design with a larger footprint. JE98XL also comes with a built-in froth separator, which is not available in BJE430SIL.

SpecificationBreville JE98XLBreville BJE430SIL
ColorBrushed Stainless SteelSilver
Special FeatureProgrammableCold Spin Technology
Product Dimensions13.2"D x 16.5"W x 18.2"H10.5"D x 14.5"W x 17.6"H
Finish TypeBrushedGlass, Silver
Recommended Uses For ProductResidentialResidential
Capacity35.2 fl oz Juice Jug and 2.6 qt Pulp Container70 oz Seal & Store Jug and 3.6 qt Pulp Container
Wattage850 watts850 watts
Voltage120 Volts110 to 120 Volts
Included Accessories35.2 fl oz Juice Jug with Froth Separator and Cleaning Brush70 fl oz Easy Seal Juice Jug with Froth Separator, Detachable Spout for Juicing Directly into Glass and Easy Cleaning Brush.
SettingsTwo Speed Electronic ControlTwo Speed Electronic Control
Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Overview of Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is a powerful and efficient juicer that can help you extract maximum juice from fruits and vegetables. It is designed to deliver fast and efficient juicing, making it a great choice for those who want to add more fresh juices to their daily routine. With its powerful motor, wide feed chute, and easy-to-clean design, the Breville JE98XL is a top-performing juicer that is sure to impress.

One of the most impressive features of the Breville JE98XL is its powerful motor. This juicer comes with a 850-watt motor that is capable of handling even the toughest fruits and vegetables with ease. Whether you want to juice leafy greens, hard roots like carrots and beets, or soft fruits like oranges and berries, this juicer can handle it all. The motor runs at two speeds – low and high – allowing you to adjust the speed to match the produce you are juicing.

Another great feature of the Breville JE98XL is its wide feed chute. This juicer comes with a 3-inch feed chute, which is wide enough to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables. This means you can save time on preparation and simply drop your produce into the juicer without having to cut it into smaller pieces. The wide feed chute also helps to prevent clogging and makes cleaning up easier.

In addition to its powerful motor and wide feed chute, the Breville JE98XL also has a number of other features that make it a top choice for juicing enthusiasts. It comes with a large pulp container and a juice jug with a froth separator, allowing you to easily separate the juice from the pulp and foam. The juicer is also designed for easy cleaning, with most parts being dishwasher safe and a cleaning brush included to help you get into all the nooks and crannies.

Overall, the Breville JE98XL is a top-performing juicer that is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh and healthy juices on a daily basis. With its powerful motor, wide feed chute, and easy-to-clean design, it is a reliable and efficient juicer that can help you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. Whether you are new to juicing or a seasoned pro, the Breville JE98XL is definitely worth considering.

Pros √

  • Wide feeder chute
  • dual-speed motor
  • built-in froth separator
  • easy to clean

Cons ×

  • 1-year warranty
Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel, JE98XL
  • The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is the perfect way to get yourself into the world of juicing; This centrifugal juicer features a 3 inch extra wide fruit chute, dual speeds, lightning-quick operation and simple clean up

Overview of Breville BJE430SIL

The Breville BJE430SIL is a powerful and efficient juicer that can help you create delicious and healthy juices at home. This juicer has a powerful 850-watt motor that can quickly and easily extract juice from fruits and vegetables, even hard ones like beets and carrots. The BJE430SIL features a wide 3-inch feed chute that can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables, so there’s no need to pre-cut your produce. This saves time and effort, making it easier to incorporate fresh juice into your daily routine.

One of the key features of the Breville BJE430SIL is its patented Nutri Disc system, which uses a reinforced cutting disc to chop and blend fruits and vegetables for maximum juice extraction. The Nutri Disc system is designed to be extra durable and long-lasting, so you can use it for years to come. Additionally, the BJE430SIL has a stainless steel mesh filter that helps to strain out pulp and seeds, resulting in smooth and delicious juice every time.

Another great feature of the Breville BJE430SIL is its two-speed electronic control. The high speed is perfect for harder fruits and vegetables, while the low speed is ideal for softer produce. This allows you to customize your juicing experience to your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, the BJE430SIL has a large capacity pulp container, which can hold up to 2.5 liters of pulp. This means you can juice a lot of produce at once, without having to stop and empty the container frequently.

The Breville BJE430SIL is also designed for easy cleaning. All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean them without having to spend a lot of time scrubbing by hand. The juicer also comes with a cleaning brush that can help you remove any leftover pulp or seeds from the mesh filter. This makes it easy to maintain the juicer and keep it in top condition for years to come.

Overall, the Breville BJE430SIL is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make fresh and healthy juice at home. Its powerful motor, wide feed chute, and Nutri Disc system make it easy to extract maximum juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables, while its two-speed control and large pulp container allow you to customize your juicing experience to your specific needs. Additionally, its easy-to-clean design ensures that you can enjoy delicious and nutritious juice without having to spend a lot of time and effort on cleanup.

Pros √

  • Compact and sleek design
  • wide feeder chute
  • dual-speed motor
  • Seal and Store Juice Jug
  • easy to clean

Cons ×

  • No froth separator.
Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer, Silver, BJE430SIL
  • The Breville Juice Fountain Cold is a high performance juicer with an innovative cold extraction system that can provide a super sized 70fl oz of juice goodness; The 850 watt motor processes even the toughest fruits and vegetables in just seconds.Safety Locking Arm : An Interlocking Safety Arm stops juicer operating without cover locked into place.


After analyzing the features and benefits of the Breville JE98XL and BJE430SIL, it’s clear that both juicers are high-quality options for any juice enthusiast. However, when it comes to deciding which juicer is the clear winner, the Breville JE98XL takes the lead.

While the BJE430SIL offers a wider chute and a slightly quieter operation, the JE98XL’s higher power and more versatile juicing options make it the better choice. With its 850-watt motor and dual-speed settings, the JE98XL is able to handle tougher fruits and vegetables with ease, resulting in a higher yield of juice. It also includes a wider range of juicing options, including the ability to make nut milk and smoothies, making it a more versatile kitchen tool.

Overall, the Breville JE98XL proves to be the more powerful and versatile juicer of the two. While the BJE430SIL has its benefits, the JE98XL’s ability to handle tough produce and offer a wider range of juicing options makes it the clear winner in the comparison. If you’re looking for a high-quality juicer that can handle a variety of fruits and vegetables, the Breville JE98XL is the way to go.

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